Activate NetLogon

This utility will allow you to setup your NetLogon. After you fill in all the fields and submit the form, you will be prompted to set your Security Challenge Information and set your NetLogon password.

All usage of this form is tracked for security purposes. If you change your Security Challenge Information or update your password, you will receive an email notification. If you receive an email notification indicating any change that you did not request, contact the Office of Information Technology immediately. Our phone number is (731) 424-3520 ext. 50294.

You may only activate your NetLogon one time. After that, you will use the Password Change form where you can use your security question and answer, or your password, in order to reset your NetLogon password.

Anyone accessing and/or changing another person's NetLogon and password without the student's written permission violates federal law and is subject to prosecution.

Note: Anyone resetting an existing password may have trouble accessing Self-Service. Contact OIT if you experience any problems.

Please identify yourself with the following information.